Fully Managed IT Services


Proactive patching of computers and servers 3x per month. Keeping systems updated with security patches helps ensure business productivity and data security.


Proactive Monitoring of Computers, Servers and Internet Link allows us to spot issues quickly and begin resolving them.


Business Hours support desk to quickly resolve issues and use your IT systems effectively.


Scheduled Backup Testing and Reporting. Annual Disaster Recovery tests.


Our Fully Managed customers get Priority Support. Ensure that your team get the support they need when they need it.


Regular IT and Business planning meetings. A full Business Continuity Plan for your Business IT Systems.

Fixed Price Support

IT Next Generation can manage your whole network for a fixed monthly fee. No more surprises. Get the support your team needs when they need it.

Hardware As A Service

Purchase your hardware as part of your Fully Managed Support Agreement and pay for it monthly to ease cash flow bumps.

Fixed Priced Network Support. Intelligent Pro-Active Support. Total Peace of Mind.

IT Next Generation provide complete management for your entire network for one simple monthly fee. We can build a package to suit your exact needs including Helpdesk Support, Proactive Patching and Alerting, Proactive Backup Monitoring and Testing and Priority Support Access.

Options for Fully Managed Support include:

Helpdesk Support
Security Updates
Microsoft Windows and Office 365 Training
IT Security Awareness Training
Network Monitoring
Internet Access Monitoring
Internet and Data Security
Fully Managed Backups
Disaster Recovery Testing
Cloud Service Support
Cloud Service Management
Software License Management
Computer Hardware Support
Managed Antivirus
Managed Firewall
Managed Wireless
Managed Networking
2 Factor Authentication across Apps and Services
Regular IT planning meetings
Priority Support Access
Monthly Reporting